Sunday, March 18, 2012


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Watercolor for week March 18-24, 2012
Rock's Cry



Thursday, March 1, 2012


Army of Light, 24 x 30, Oil, © St Germain

My first post on Artistic Notes to eventually replace my Art Notes 
from my blog Mysteries,
to give it more weight and have its own followers.

You who have been following me know that my paintings go in many 
different directions: 
I already added: Landscapes in Oil, 
and who knows what else....:)

all my own paintings
 unless otherwise indicated.

No question in art is dumb, unless you're being silly.
Love if you would regularly return 

because I missed the side bar of the dynamic views,
I'm still experimenting with other backgrounds

Almost forgot,

This is one of my earliest paintings about angels
after my oldest daughter begged me to paint angels 
that were more up to the task than the little cute cupids!

What I researched angels to be
they are stronger than human beings,
 they show up when you or I are in trouble
they're kind of anonymous
(no face, no name, except for 
 3 arch angels)
some think that every person has 
his/her own guardian angel  
that's still a question mark for me -
they're not all the same and have different jobs

You may have your own opinion, 
(and you're very welcome to voice yours)
mine is that they are in service of
the Creator of the Universe
"to serve and protect" us.

Painted them as an army of light
in a dark world,
anonymous in face and clothes
purposefully not clear whether they have wings or not

it was an uphill battle to paint
five times I wiped the canvas clean
but the result was a sweet revenge
this was the beginning of a "blue period."

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