Monday, January 21, 2013

The Escape

The Escape Oil, StGermain


It took me a while before I found a way to put this story on canvas. 
The flood light effect puts the scene at night. 
Rahab took a big risk to help these two spies 
get over the wall
With this painting the eye goes straight to the top of the canvas.

By the way, the shadows of Joshua and Caleb are
painted on the wall -it's not a texture or a blurry pic

I painted every brick (also in the dark parts). 
This might be a Western interpretation. 
I don't know if they used bricks in this pattern 
on an outside wall of a city in that time.

Then, I put dry paint over some 
of the bricks (painters call this drybrush)
to give it that faded look. It's not a digital texture:)

Am not sure, but think only people who visited my house have seen this painting. 
It hasn't been on an exhibit, an art event, or on one of my blogs yet. 
So, you my bloggie friends are the first!

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