Monday, December 31, 2012



Always risk involved in crossing
will I like it or
hate the new?
Some of my paintings are inspired
by daily events.
This one by my daughter wading in the river with a big stick
in Yosemite Nat. Park
For the background I choose a spot
at the N. entrance of that park
at 9000 feet,  these 2 rows of trees
were breathing pure air
Once 12 tribes crossed the river Jordan
the only promise they had was
a land of milk and honey
a symbolic event for the journey
to heaven's city
as I vaguely indicated on the right top
I choose a night setting
indicating the risk and being in the dark
about what was to come once they crossed.
Once we cross into 2013,
I hope it will soon become clear
what kind of year it will be
of course, there are those unexpected surprises
I hope they'll be the good kind:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ESCAPE to SAFETY "Don't Look Back, Mary..."

My initial caption for this painting was "Don't Look Back, Mary."


Every year around Christmas time
I paint a small 9 x 12 inch part
of the Christmas story
to remind myself where my gift comes from.

This is the Flight to Egypt,
when Mary and Joseph heard
about the evil plan of king Herod
to kill all baby boys under 2 years old.

As new parents they must have been
so scared and worried
to bring their baby to safety.
I pray for the parents who are grieving
that they couldn't protect their child
from a crazed person.

How interesting that this year
there is an evil government
in Egypt who kills at will,
right now this title would have been
"Escape from Egypt" 

No easy answers  in a sin-filled world
we have only hope for tomorrow


Thursday, November 8, 2012


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For Our World

© Oil to Sell, 24 x 30, Oil, St Germain


this was painted right after I was in
 the Netherlands last year(2011) last year. 
Definitely can see the influence of W-Eur. 
in how I handled the subject matter. 

Colors are much brighter than usual. The red hot big jar central
to signify all the feelings red bring up: soaring energie, passion,
and more such things
the approach here is more 2-dimensional.

Still remember that I even felt different 
about the world and life -
how in Holland there are more provisions 
for widows, orphans, and the poor 
than here in the US..

When I was making my Christmas List of presents 
for my children and grand children
a feeling of thankfulness swept over me
Even in my student time
we never went a day without food or a place to live

and when things got easier, I discovered
the more generous I was to others,
the more I got back!
Mind boggling, it was not even "paying it forward!"

Hopefully you won't forget the needy in the upcoming holidays
even if it's only a batch of cookies 
or a cup of coffee to someone who lives on the street.

When you're curious about the story,
this is the widow with two kids  
who pleaded with the prophet,
whose group her late husband had been a part of,
that she didn't know what to do!

He told her to gather all the jars she could find,
including those of the neighbors
then to pour the little oil into all the jars.
The oil kept on pouring till all the jars were full
and she could sell the oil for her living expenses.
Cool, eh?


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012



As a painter
you want to capture it all
in one gesture.
that takes you to the past,
present, and future.

In my more usual style
some of it with broken rays of light*
so, technically it would be called
a transitional piece.
Not, because I can't make up my mind
but I do anything to get my point across.
Breaking the rules:
Away with "say one thing in a picture" (this time:) )

Since I painted this for people in a large room
I emphasized the edges of the dove.
Later, I may decide to soften them

People in that time became as old as some 860 years,
so I don't know ifone would  have gray hair 
at 600.
Green is symbolic for new life.

Who is this about?
the man who endured gossip
no doubt, being mocked
who knows, even harrassment.
All because
God told him a boat in a century of drought
It took him a hundred years

Finally when it was finished
they loaded two of each animal in the ark
I wonder, the fish too?
150  days of rain pelting on your roof cannot be a pleasure!

Still, they had to wait another 47 days
in cramped quarters
before the dove came
with an olive branch,
the promise of a new earth 
a new life

I have a friend that has 2 science awards
who went to mount Ararat 5 times
A place so high that the snow does not melt in the summer.
The Turks are not very fond of people giving access,
so he had to rely on people from that local area. 

Hubby and I saw a TV documentary
(with shots taken from a plane of the actual ark
that looks like an oblong box)
how they built it, etc.
Mathematically and architecturally
they say the measurements are perfect
to withstand that kind of a flood. 

Several stories exist of "a big flood"
but as far as I know this has been
the only one documented with 
something substantial that withstood that flood.


* one could compare this technique as an enlarged version of what Van Gogh did
 with his dots to represent light.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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Waves of Repositioning, 36 x 36 inch, Oil, ©St Germain

Waited a long time to post this painting anywhere
because so much meaning is wrapped up in here. 
Since the recession in 2008 so many of us 
were involuntarily repositioned - myself included.

This is what it felt like to me -
jolts and waves 
on different levels of society
nothing was sure anymore
the earth tilted
changing of the guard
the choice was urgent
to go on this train of change
or not 
not exactly a quiet place

Now this painting hangs in my hall
to remind myself
not to take anything good in my life 
for granted!

PS. If you like a print any size (paper or canvas), please write me at


Thursday, September 6, 2012


For NFWaters
For This or That


In contrast to Army of Light which I redid 4 times,
painting Tsunami was inspired by the weather disaster,
Painting went very fast. The concept was to deconstruct, 
and show several colors that make up white.
 This painting was done
 in the week of the tsunami in SE Asia

In preparation of their wedding, my niece and future hubby 
changed their plans to have their honeymoon in that area 
last minute to go to Egypt
Scary thought!

in front of an audience 
in the Ambassador Auditorium in  Pasadena, CA.

The railings of two staircases oppsite from this wall
 are reflected in the stone tiles.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


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Watercolor for week March 18-24, 2012
Rock's Cry



Thursday, March 1, 2012


Army of Light, 24 x 30, Oil, © St Germain

My first post on Artistic Notes to eventually replace my Art Notes 
from my blog Mysteries,
to give it more weight and have its own followers.

You who have been following me know that my paintings go in many 
different directions: 
I already added: Landscapes in Oil, 
and who knows what else....:)

all my own paintings
 unless otherwise indicated.

No question in art is dumb, unless you're being silly.
Love if you would regularly return 

because I missed the side bar of the dynamic views,
I'm still experimenting with other backgrounds

Almost forgot,

This is one of my earliest paintings about angels
after my oldest daughter begged me to paint angels 
that were more up to the task than the little cute cupids!

What I researched angels to be
they are stronger than human beings,
 they show up when you or I are in trouble
they're kind of anonymous
(no face, no name, except for 
 3 arch angels)
some think that every person has 
his/her own guardian angel  
that's still a question mark for me -
they're not all the same and have different jobs

You may have your own opinion, 
(and you're very welcome to voice yours)
mine is that they are in service of
the Creator of the Universe
"to serve and protect" us.

Painted them as an army of light
in a dark world,
anonymous in face and clothes
purposefully not clear whether they have wings or not

it was an uphill battle to paint
five times I wiped the canvas clean
but the result was a sweet revenge
this was the beginning of a "blue period."

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