Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When you see a painting in a show or gallery, you see just that.
Not what was involved in what led up to the image.
most of the big oil paintings do have a story - 
and it's not something I make up!

With this painting I started out to have a gate opened and a roof line. 
Something interesting was that the sun shone through the painting 
as I had it propped up against a couch to look at it. 
You see that the sun's reflection also fell on several art papers behind it..

At first I had the vague idea for a gate to go through
with in the distance the cross. 
Then I remembered the story of two people on the way to Emmaus, 
talking about the recent events of Jesus accused of treason 
getting the death penalty. In those days it was not the electric chair,
 but being nailed to a wooden cross.  

A third person joined them.
Just for fun a detail with a photoshop filter of "blur" and" texture." 
 which makes it look like iconic art work of the early Middle Ages. 
The pointed line changed more to that of an arch.

For Photo Art Friday

I usually do not paint with gold, silver, or glitter,
but felt the gold would highlight  
the meaning of 
the gate of redemption. 
Below is how the painting looks now (in reality). 

The Story ends with their arrival in the town of Emmaus. 
The original two urged the third for a meal,
They were impressed with his knowledge
of what should have happened 
according to their "Law and the Prophets"
passed down from generations. 

 During the meal he disappears in front of their eyes.

Then they knew that he was the one who had been on that cross, 
died and became alive after 3 days. And they said to each other, 
"Wasn't our heart burning when he explained it all to us?"
Am always chuckling about that sentence -
that's easy to say afterwards, isn't it?