Tuesday, August 27, 2013





This rock formation is a real one 
we found in hiking around Big Bear Lake, CA

pic taken before the digital era

So interesting and inspiring to paint
I immediately thought of the text from Isaiah
that if we wouldn't worship, the rocks cry out

One of my very few 22 x 30 inch watercolors
has been in several exhibits

Very humbled when on the first exhibit
in one of L.A.'s universities
I saw two university students sitting on the floor
copying my watercolor.
Being in my first years of painting had  the impulse to go up to them
and  ask, "Are you sure you want to copy this?"

Guess I don't have enough narcissism
to waltz up to them in an outlandish outfit,
singing, "And if you (pointing at them) practice hard and long enough,
maybe you'll be good enough in ten years 
to be selected in one of these exhibits (pointing at self)."
(you know I'm rolling my eyes now) - 

one of the reasons I am very choosy
which artists are on my blog list. 

I love excellence and professional art,
but someone praising their own art 
with bombastic revelry.
is a poor reflection of what art is all about!
Only time will tell (after my life time)
how "memorable" my art is.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This painting I painted in the building "Het Keerpunt" (the Turn Around) 
in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


This painting is about feeling a small insignificant part
of the big machine called Amsterdam
The reflection of Amsterdam seen in
its many canals of the city
but yet, also a small part
can have spheres and ripple effects of influence
on the globe if all moving parts are working together. 

Amsterdam is seen with a visionary eye
and therefore painted in blue
It's borders (historically seen, only cities had city walls) 
in purple for its association with royalty
and the concentric, ever widening circles
in yellow to red for a cheerful happy brightness

Listening to what my audience has to say
while I am in the process of painting
one of the most rewarding sides of painting

This painting was painted while I was in Amsterdam in June when I was having an exhibit of twelve of my paintings, a Dialogue with people under thirty years of age, and a workshop.
Among the interested, at least six people came to me afterward, who were artists and had exhibited themselves, but had become stuck afterwards. I loved to be an encouragement for them.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When you see a painting in a show or gallery, you see just that.
Not what was involved in what led up to the image.
most of the big oil paintings do have a story - 
and it's not something I make up!

With this painting I started out to have a gate opened and a roof line. 
Something interesting was that the sun shone through the painting 
as I had it propped up against a couch to look at it. 
You see that the sun's reflection also fell on several art papers behind it..

At first I had the vague idea for a gate to go through
with in the distance the cross. 
Then I remembered the story of two people on the way to Emmaus, 
talking about the recent events of Jesus accused of treason 
getting the death penalty. In those days it was not the electric chair,
 but being nailed to a wooden cross.  

A third person joined them.
Just for fun a detail with a photoshop filter of "blur" and" texture." 
 which makes it look like iconic art work of the early Middle Ages. 
The pointed line changed more to that of an arch.

For Photo Art Friday

I usually do not paint with gold, silver, or glitter,
but felt the gold would highlight  
the meaning of 
the gate of redemption. 
Below is how the painting looks now (in reality). 

The Story ends with their arrival in the town of Emmaus. 
The original two urged the third for a meal,
They were impressed with his knowledge
of what should have happened 
according to their "Law and the Prophets"
passed down from generations. 

 During the meal he disappears in front of their eyes.

Then they knew that he was the one who had been on that cross, 
died and became alive after 3 days. And they said to each other, 
"Wasn't our heart burning when he explained it all to us?"
Am always chuckling about that sentence -
that's easy to say afterwards, isn't it?

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Escape

The Escape Oil, StGermain


It took me a while before I found a way to put this story on canvas. 
The flood light effect puts the scene at night. 
Rahab took a big risk to help these two spies 
get over the wall
With this painting the eye goes straight to the top of the canvas.

By the way, the shadows of Joshua and Caleb are
painted on the wall -it's not a texture or a blurry pic

I painted every brick (also in the dark parts). 
This might be a Western interpretation. 
I don't know if they used bricks in this pattern 
on an outside wall of a city in that time.

Then, I put dry paint over some 
of the bricks (painters call this drybrush)
to give it that faded look. It's not a digital texture:)

Am not sure, but think only people who visited my house have seen this painting. 
It hasn't been on an exhibit, an art event, or on one of my blogs yet. 
So, you my bloggie friends are the first!

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Monday, December 31, 2012



Always risk involved in crossing
will I like it or
hate the new?
Some of my paintings are inspired
by daily events.
This one by my daughter wading in the river with a big stick
in Yosemite Nat. Park
For the background I choose a spot
at the N. entrance of that park
at 9000 feet,  these 2 rows of trees
were breathing pure air
Once 12 tribes crossed the river Jordan
the only promise they had was
a land of milk and honey
a symbolic event for the journey
to heaven's city
as I vaguely indicated on the right top
I choose a night setting
indicating the risk and being in the dark
about what was to come once they crossed.
Once we cross into 2013,
I hope it will soon become clear
what kind of year it will be
of course, there are those unexpected surprises
I hope they'll be the good kind:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ESCAPE to SAFETY "Don't Look Back, Mary..."

My initial caption for this painting was "Don't Look Back, Mary."


Every year around Christmas time
I paint a small 9 x 12 inch part
of the Christmas story
to remind myself where my gift comes from.

This is the Flight to Egypt,
when Mary and Joseph heard
about the evil plan of king Herod
to kill all baby boys under 2 years old.

As new parents they must have been
so scared and worried
to bring their baby to safety.
I pray for the parents who are grieving
that they couldn't protect their child
from a crazed person.

How interesting that this year
there is an evil government
in Egypt who kills at will,
right now this title would have been
"Escape from Egypt" 

No easy answers  in a sin-filled world
we have only hope for tomorrow


Thursday, November 8, 2012


For Artistique   For This or That  For Orange Friday   For Green Day
For Pink Saturday  For Mellow Yellow Monday
For Our World

© Oil to Sell, 24 x 30, Oil, St Germain


this was painted right after I was in
 the Netherlands last year(2011) last year. 
Definitely can see the influence of W-Eur. 
in how I handled the subject matter. 

Colors are much brighter than usual. The red hot big jar central
to signify all the feelings red bring up: soaring energie, passion,
and more such things
the approach here is more 2-dimensional.

Still remember that I even felt different 
about the world and life -
how in Holland there are more provisions 
for widows, orphans, and the poor 
than here in the US..

When I was making my Christmas List of presents 
for my children and grand children
a feeling of thankfulness swept over me
Even in my student time
we never went a day without food or a place to live

and when things got easier, I discovered
the more generous I was to others,
the more I got back!
Mind boggling, it was not even "paying it forward!"

Hopefully you won't forget the needy in the upcoming holidays
even if it's only a batch of cookies 
or a cup of coffee to someone who lives on the street.

When you're curious about the story,
this is the widow with two kids  
who pleaded with the prophet,
whose group her late husband had been a part of,
that she didn't know what to do!

He told her to gather all the jars she could find,
including those of the neighbors
then to pour the little oil into all the jars.
The oil kept on pouring till all the jars were full
and she could sell the oil for her living expenses.
Cool, eh?


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