Wednesday, September 19, 2012



As a painter
you want to capture it all
in one gesture.
that takes you to the past,
present, and future.

In my more usual style
some of it with broken rays of light*
so, technically it would be called
a transitional piece.
Not, because I can't make up my mind
but I do anything to get my point across.
Breaking the rules:
Away with "say one thing in a picture" (this time:) )

Since I painted this for people in a large room
I emphasized the edges of the dove.
Later, I may decide to soften them

People in that time became as old as some 860 years,
so I don't know ifone would  have gray hair 
at 600.
Green is symbolic for new life.

Who is this about?
the man who endured gossip
no doubt, being mocked
who knows, even harrassment.
All because
God told him a boat in a century of drought
It took him a hundred years

Finally when it was finished
they loaded two of each animal in the ark
I wonder, the fish too?
150  days of rain pelting on your roof cannot be a pleasure!

Still, they had to wait another 47 days
in cramped quarters
before the dove came
with an olive branch,
the promise of a new earth 
a new life

I have a friend that has 2 science awards
who went to mount Ararat 5 times
A place so high that the snow does not melt in the summer.
The Turks are not very fond of people giving access,
so he had to rely on people from that local area. 

Hubby and I saw a TV documentary
(with shots taken from a plane of the actual ark
that looks like an oblong box)
how they built it, etc.
Mathematically and architecturally
they say the measurements are perfect
to withstand that kind of a flood. 

Several stories exist of "a big flood"
but as far as I know this has been
the only one documented with 
something substantial that withstood that flood.


* one could compare this technique as an enlarged version of what Van Gogh did
 with his dots to represent light.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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Waves of Repositioning, 36 x 36 inch, Oil, ©St Germain

Waited a long time to post this painting anywhere
because so much meaning is wrapped up in here. 
Since the recession in 2008 so many of us 
were involuntarily repositioned - myself included.

This is what it felt like to me -
jolts and waves 
on different levels of society
nothing was sure anymore
the earth tilted
changing of the guard
the choice was urgent
to go on this train of change
or not 
not exactly a quiet place

Now this painting hangs in my hall
to remind myself
not to take anything good in my life 
for granted!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


For NFWaters
For This or That


In contrast to Army of Light which I redid 4 times,
painting Tsunami was inspired by the weather disaster,
Painting went very fast. The concept was to deconstruct, 
and show several colors that make up white.
 This painting was done
 in the week of the tsunami in SE Asia

In preparation of their wedding, my niece and future hubby 
changed their plans to have their honeymoon in that area 
last minute to go to Egypt
Scary thought!

in front of an audience 
in the Ambassador Auditorium in  Pasadena, CA.

The railings of two staircases oppsite from this wall
 are reflected in the stone tiles.