Tuesday, August 27, 2013





This rock formation is a real one 
we found in hiking around Big Bear Lake, CA

pic taken before the digital era

So interesting and inspiring to paint
I immediately thought of the text from Isaiah
that if we wouldn't worship, the rocks cry out

One of my very few 22 x 30 inch watercolors
has been in several exhibits

Very humbled when on the first exhibit
in one of L.A.'s universities
I saw two university students sitting on the floor
copying my watercolor.
Being in my first years of painting had  the impulse to go up to them
and  ask, "Are you sure you want to copy this?"

Guess I don't have enough narcissism
to waltz up to them in an outlandish outfit,
singing, "And if you (pointing at them) practice hard and long enough,
maybe you'll be good enough in ten years 
to be selected in one of these exhibits (pointing at self)."
(you know I'm rolling my eyes now) - 

one of the reasons I am very choosy
which artists are on my blog list. 

I love excellence and professional art,
but someone praising their own art 
with bombastic revelry.
is a poor reflection of what art is all about!
Only time will tell (after my life time)
how "memorable" my art is.

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